It takes a career to become a school principal. You're in your late forties, fifties, sixties. And now the weight of the entire school is on your shoulders. Luckily, VO-raad is here to lend a hand. With the introduction of "De Hoofdkamer" (The Principal's Office) they invited principals from all over the country to meet, share their experiences and help each other excel at their jobs.


Hard-working, charasmatic, probably short on time. The school principal is someone who has matured quite a bit, but is surrounded by teenagers every day of the week. How do you approach such a person? Are they those rigid, disciplinary giants - or are they the wannabe hip parent? Probably a bit of both.

These are the very first designs. We wanted to keep it personal, recognizable. Every principal has to have their own story and experiences, so we made a couple of different characters. Some big, some short. Some dressed modestly, others more flamboyant. My personal favourite is the lady with the amazing red hair.


The story is cut up in two parts. First, there's the school principal in their current situation. On top of the ladder, the staff, the teachers and of course the students are still down on the ground. Since the principal's up high, they find it hard to make a connection and feel a bit lost.

In the second part we show the principal taking a step, and another. Instead of seeing the ladder as a burden they try and climb it. And with the help of the other principals they better themselves in their job, and become the best they can be.


With the help of copywriting wonder Fleur van Wijck we wrote a short story: a look at the day to day in the life of a school principal. How they keep a close watch, mingle with the students, offer support. Through a diverse selection of characters and circumstances we were hoping to represent most every school principal out there. No matter who they were, or what they had experienced themselves.

During the process we recognized that personal interaction was the most prominent and touching part of the story. Teachers who give their students a helping hand. When they are in doubt, when they fail or even when they are in peril. We extended this helping hand onward in the second part, where principals meet each other and work together to solve the problems that trouble them.


In the end we had made a charming, heartfelt animation. The characters were bold and colorful and showed experience, thoughtfulness and humanity. We had put an emphasis on their strength and we made sure to keep the pace up beat. Nothing too fancy, but something that looks great and tells a simple but strong story.


This production was made at animation studio in60seconds in Amsterdam.

Client VO-raad
Agency Campagnebureau BKB
Production year 2016

Projectmanagement Laura Fulgori
Copywriting Fleur van Wijck
Additional design Michiel Baumgarten