Animator & illustrator

Hi, thank you for visiting! I am an animator and illustrator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Here you can find an overview of the work that I've made for a variety of companies and organisations. Every project is a story in itself, so have a look and discover what they have to tell you.


User and developer get along great, until they don't. Together with Booreiland we challenged their stormy relationship with a new interactive platform. In a short, colourful animation we have them bash heads until finally they build a beautiful rocketship together. Now that's a love story!

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De Hoofdkamer

Being a high school principal can be a tough job. You bear the weight of the entire school all on your own. That's why VO-raad introduced "De Hoofdkamer", a place where principals can meet each other and share their experiences. With the help of Campagnebureau BKB we made this short animation to spike their interest.

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Tehran is a beautiful city in a difficult place. Its population is faced with poverty, pollution and distrust. The small organisation Tavaana wants to counter that with messages of hope and courage. In one of three short stories we meet a small girl who has to fend for herself amongst the traffic that stretches across the entire city.

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Let's talk!

I've told you some about me, now let's hear about you. Are you an organisation that has a story to tell? A company that feels more people should know about the great stuff you're making? A student who needs some help along the way? Don't hesitate to ask, I'd love to help.

You can send me an e-mail at contact[at] or give me a call at (+31) 06 43924786.